Writing and Linguistics Department “Brown Bag” Workshop: Technology in Composition 15 October 2009

Susan Smith – “Essay Out Loud” (EOL)

Challenges: citing sources in PowerPoint. Project: Evaluative project – judgment statement (purpose) and criteria. Follow-up: Written evaluation (“traditional” essay). Then morphed into “magazine type” format, using WordArt (for titles) (insert continuous page break after title; THEN format columns), color, images (including citations for graphics/images; textwrap = inline w/text—usually and tight), subheadings, drop caps, pull quotes, etc. Plus, of course, the Works Cited list.

Me: Use Adobe .pdf and “publish” these as “special issue” for TechWriting journal?

David Bailey – “Environmental Scanning”

Gathering RSS feeds together (using MyYahoo). World News feed – gathering different news feeds on one page allows comparisons and determinations of biases. Stock prices alone with economists opinions, news, etc. Data that allows you to customize and interpret. Help students acquire language of a discipline. Interests: pop culture (comic books, movies, music, etc.)

Project idea: “Futuring” – students using RSS feeds/news updates to predict future behavior.

Check out RSS feeds on Feedzilla.com; Google.com RSS readers (GoogleWave – wants invite); blogged.com; Twitter. Also check out marumushi.com. Newsmap.jp (like Wordle—the more people are accessing, the larger the headline). Technorati.

Me: Check: Citing RSS feed “articles” w/Refworks? Using Galileo Toolbar to search for information?


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