Caught in the Act

I was the victim of a plot!

My son was playing a gig with Wayne Jones at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Melbourne Beach, part of The Groove’s Jazz Nights, and my nephew Matt and I joined him there.  A very nice couple allowed us to share their table, right up front at the edge of the dance floor.  I was enjoying the wonderful ambience, and I especially enjoyed watching the couples dancing to the music–they made ME feel young!  (That’s why I LOVE Florida!)

About half way through the gig, the man at the table with us invited me to dance.  I tried to decline nicely:

“Oh, no, no, not me.  I haven’t danced in 40 years!”

“You don’t have to dance well,” he said.

What else could I do?

“Well, in that case…”

I watched my son laughing at me while I “danced,” and returned to the table.

“I took a picture of you on your cell phone,” said my nephew.

“Yeah, sure,” I said, not believing him.

When my son got a break, he claimed I did the “usual white people monkey dance, barely moving your feet while moving your arms around.”  Yup, I thought, I did feel a bit monkey-like.

“Ah, well,” I said.  “At least I didn’t have to watch me dance!”

Well, it seems that my dance partner and my nephew had plotted against me.  He told my nephew that he was going to ask me to dance and my nephew should sneak a picture of me–and he did!  So here it is.

I might as well share my embarrassing moments, right?  🙂


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