About Janice Walker

This is me.

I’m Janice Walker, Professor of Writing and Linguistics at Georgia Southern University.

I teach courses in writing–first-year composition, technical and professional writing, writing studies, and computers and writing.  I also coordinate the Graduate Research Network at the annual Computers and Writing conference, and I co-host the Georgia Conference on Information Literacy.

In my spare time (!), I serve as Chair of the Georgia Southern University Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Medical Board, NCTE Policy Analyst for Higher Education for the State of Georgia, Chair of the 2016 CCCC Resolutions Committee, and Principal Investigator for the LILAC Project, a multi-institutional study of student information-seeking behaviors.

This blog is a place to eat up the rest of my spare time (as if I have any!).  If I ever come up with a real purpose, I’ll let you know.

The picture here was taken by Michael Day at Pasadena Beach in Los Angeles.  Guess which creature is me!


5 responses to “About Janice Walker

  1. Hmm, I need to edit this in August when I become full-of-it instead of associate-of-it professor. Someone remind me?

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  3. Dear Dr. Walker–I am trying to reach you regarding a reprint from Readerly /Writerly texts, but the email on the journal’s page bounced. Will you please contact me at kking@lpppub.com. I am the permissions manager at Layman Poupard Publishing. Thank you.

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