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More Randomness from C&W 2008

May 24, 2008

More random notes (I wish I could remember more!).

Keynote Address by Kathleen Yancey, “Inventing the Self, Co-Inventing the University: Electronic Portfolios, New Composings, and the 21st Century University”

  • Model One: “Stickiness”
  • Model Two: Assessment
  • Model Three: “Integrative” Learning
  • Model Four: The Future

Mark Twain: “Why  not go out on a limb? that’s where the fruit is.”

Association of American Colleges and Universities: “VALUE: Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education,” http://www.aacu.org/value/outcomes.cfm



  • Blogger, Google – Free, but proprietary
  • WordPress – open source
  • typepad – for-pay


  • Critical technological literacy, a la Selfe et al.

Student resistance to C&Wers “jumping on the Wiki bandwagon”

* * *


  • Sharepoint ePortfolio
  • Writing community (students)
  • Teaching community (teachers)

Taylor Mitchell & James Ricci

Me:  Ideas

No, I didn’t present anything.  These were just random thoughts in my random notes:

  • Course idea? LILAC post? “Wikipedia is a Wiki, too!”
  • For LILAC : develop surveymonkey surveys – teachers, students, librarians
  • Ongoing project: Anthony Atkins, GRN book (David Blakesley, Parlor Press?).  Invite articles; proceeds donated to GRN Travel Grant Fund.
  • With Angela Haas?  Video “book” – GRN 10th aniversary (or Kairos special issue?)
  • GRN Online 2009 – Angela and Mialisa and CarlC?  Facebook GRN!

Okay, so if anyone has any idea what my notes are about, let me know!