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Help! I’m Cell-Phone Challenged!

Okay, so usually I pride myself on being at least relatively technically savvy.  Or at least most people who know me think I am (don’t let them read this blog!!).  People always come to me when they have techie challenges for help–and I’m usually okay at helping.  My sister called me last night from her hotel room (she was attending an out-of-town conference) and said, “Hi, is this tech support?”  I finally talked her through getting her laptop hooked up to the hotel’s wireless network before “gently” reminding her that she was in a different time zone and I really needed to get back to sleep….

So that was last night.  This morning was a different story.

For some reason, I was playing around with my cell phone.  I’ve had it for awhile now and been very happy with it (it doesn’t matter what kind it is–that’s not relevant to this story and I refuse to be an advertisement for some company).  At any rate, I flipped the button that let the battery fall out.

Oops!  Didn’t mean to do that.  Ah, well, so I put the battery back in the phone.  No harm, no foul, right?

Wrong.  The phone’s display was dark.  I hit the button I usually hit when the phone is dark (it goes dark whenever it’s not in use to save battery power, of course).  Nothing.  I tried hitting a few more buttons.  Nothing. 

I used my land line phone to call myself.  Nothing.

So I decided I’d have to stop at my cell phone provider on my way in to work.  But first I decided to check the Web to see what I could find out–maybe there’s some kind of re-set button?

Sure enough, there’s a re-set button. It’s actually called TURN THE PHONE ON, DUMMY! Natch, when the battery was removed from the phone, the phone automatically shut down.  Duh.

So, please–don’t tell anyone what a technically-challenged dummy I really am, okay?