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CCCC Conversations on Diversity

From The CCCC Committee on Diversity.  “CCCC is pleased to announce a new blogging series. For the next several months, we will host a forum for CCCC members to broaden our organization’s thinking, talking, and writing about diversity in our profession. Starting on Thursday, May 29, 2008 (in 2 weeks), we will feature blog posts by Guest writers from across the discipline of rhetoric and composition in higher education at”
“We will begin the series with a Guest blog post by Victor Villaneuva, the Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts at Washington State University. Guest postings will be open to anyone with internet access who wants to read it, and CCCC/NCTE members will be able to post comments. Everyone can find Victor Villaneuva’s blog post and each new Guest writer’s blog post on the CCCC blog site, bi-weekly (2 times per month), until Thursday, October 16, 2008.”



Hello world!

Imagine–a blog that posts itself.  Well, at least this “Hello world!” post was here when I got here….

Okay, so hello, world!  This isn’t my first blog, but it is my first WordPress blog, and I have to say, so far, it seems fine.  Of course, more on that later.

Since I used my real name as my domain for this blog, I guess this will be a professional blog.  I’m not really sure what that means, but we can find out together!

More later (maybe).